Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to iDigitalProduct or looking to buy a software or order a license key, this FAQ page will help you learn more about our store and its features.

General Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our store.

What is a Quickbooks ProAdvisor?

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a professional who has completed training and examination and received their certification on QuickBooks from Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks.
A QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor is an accounting professional who isn’t necessarily a CPA but may be a general small business advisor or accountant. They are experts in accounting and QuickBooks systems and can guide clients on how to set up and use their QuickBooks software.

There are various certifications, including QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Enterprise. The training also has different levels, with advanced being the highest. Each year, they must take a recertification exam that updates them on software developments.

How is it possible that we sell really cheap licenses?

We work directly with our suppliers to purchase large volumes to get the LOWEST rate possible. Because we save on costs, we want to ensure our valued customers save too. We also have minimal overheads such as no storefront operation costs.

Additionally, The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program gives us access to EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS, tools, training, and events to help our potential customers retain talent and expand their business. So the benefits of combining both Quickbooks ProAdvisor Program and our authorized suppliers EXCLUSIVE OFFERS justifies our cheap prices.

Why are digital products preferable to physical products?

Digital products have many advantages over their physical counterparts, customers can, in most cases, receive the product immediately upon purchase.
Our business model is fully digital, with zero environmental impact. We only deliver our products via email, reducing pollution and waste. We’re proud to be a 100% Eco-Friendly company!

What is a digital download?

A digital download is an electronic version of your software product, giving you access to download and use your new software immediately. This means that a physical CD or DVD disc is NOT INCLUDED in your purchase. The software install program is ​ downloaded through cloud-based storage.

Why buy from us?

There are a number of great reasons why we believe we’re the best place to buy your software or order your key!

  • Trusted: Over the years, we’ve built up a huge reputation. Our buyers often comment on our high speed of service and fast delivery.
  • Cheap: We work hard to ensure our prices are always considerably cheaper than other retail stores.
  • Full warranty offered: We guarantee a working key or your money back.

What is the ProAdvisor Program & what is its benefit?

Intuit’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program is available for accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and consulting professionals who provide services to third-party clients.
The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program gives us access to EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS, tools, training, and events to help us retain talent and expand our business.

Can I order a hardcopy DVD/CD disc of the software I purchased?

Here at iDigitalProduct, we rely on fast and efficient digital delivery service. This means NO WAITING for a physical product to be delivered, you can download your new software immediately. You have the option to backup your software after purchase to the device of your preference (ex. USB drive, disc, external hard drive).

Are digital products eligible for returns?

We have adopted a 100% refund warranty policy. With this policy, you are entitled to return the purchased product at any time, in the event that the product was purchased by mistake or is not functional. Our customer service will welcome your every request and our tech team will be readily available to help you solve any problem.
Check our refund policy for more details.

How do I get help with my installation?

Typically we include installation instructions with any online/downloadable software license. If you are experiencing some trouble with a software product or a license key you purchased from us, you can email us at
Our support team will be always ready and happy to help resolve your issue.

What is an activation key?

Software activation key is a string of letters and/or numbers used to register or activate a software application. You may receive an activation key when you purchase a commercial software program.

The purpose of an activation key is to prevent software piracy by ensuring only users who have purchased a program can use it. Some software programs will not function without a valid activation key, while other programs will run in “trial mode” or with restricted functionality. Registering or activating the software with the activation key removes these limitations.

Advanced questions

Everything you should know about our products, license keys authenticity, orders and more..

Do you supply software products in volume or bulk orders?

Large-volume purchases can certainly be arranged by contacting us directly via email. We will send you a comprehensive quotation with details of the product of your interest.

How secure is our payment methods?

Many people still find it a bit scary to order online and we completely understand that! That is why we are doing our best to provide the safest service. We have a secure payment gateway PCI DSS compliant and certified which means that any data which the end user enters into our platform is 100% secured and safe.

Are our products genuine?

Absolutely, the software, licenses, and keys we sell are 100% authentic & genuine. We don’t condone PIRACY in any way.
None of our activation keys are from illegal key-generators, each code that is sent to each customer is UNIQUE and UNUSED.
It authenticates with the official online systems of the product publisher giving you further assurance that you are buying a genuine key.

How can I be certain that my copy of Microsoft license is legitimate?

We encourage all our customers to register their email address with their specific Microsoft Product key via Microsoft online activation to ensure verification and tracking of their authentic software products.

Do Microsoft licenses have any limitations?

No! iDigitalProduct offers perpetual licenses for all Microsoft products.
Your product key is linked to your Microsoft account; if you need it, just reinstall your Office suite without purchasing a new license. You will only need to deactivate your previous installation and proceed with the new activation using your credentials.

What's included with any order?

Once we receive your payment, you will get your activation key within few hours (usually less) directly via email, thus avoiding the environmental impact of shipping physical goods. You will get the following:

  • 100% authentic and official license keys.
  • Official download link to the ISO file.
  • Clear, complete, and simple installation guide.
  • Free and professional English-Speaking customer Service.

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